Arundel Dental Care & Implant Clinic would like to work with you so that you can extend a superb dental implant service to your patients.

Today’s market is such that patients are making independent enquiries about implants. While the entry cost in terms of kit, stock and downtime is high and the learning curve is very steep, not having a viable solution to offer your patients is not an option. Every busy dentist sees several patients each week that would benefit from implants and Arundel Dental Care & Implant Clinic can bridge this gap for you.

How it works

Refer your patients to us and be confident that they will be treated by a highly qualified, experienced team. We will keep you up-to-date with progress and send your patients back to you when treatment is complete. (We will not carry out any other treatment on your patients.)

Your way into implants: if you would like to carry out the restorations yourself, we are happy to work with you. Our specialist facilities in Arundel are available by arrangement if you would like to treat your own patients here.

    Our Services

  • Complete implant services.
  • Bone augmentation and soft tissue surgery.
  • Conscious sedation using a hospital anaesthetist.
  • Hands-on prosthodontic training using your own patients.
  • Use of staffed implant theatre.
  • Implant-nurse training.


Dental implants are the treatment of choice in the following situations:

  • Replace missing teeth without damaging other teeth or gums.
  • Fit fixed bridges where the span is too long for classic or adhesive bridges, or if the abutment teeth have a dubious prognosis.
  • Provide functioning teeth in a free-end saddle situation.
  • Retain dentures so that they will not move even if the denture has minimal extension.
  • Dispense with dentures altogether.
  • Preserve alveolar bone and therefore facial form after tooth loss.